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Recruitment Process

Recruitments occur when there is a Vacancy  and it happen in two situations (generally):

  • An employee leaves, so for the replacement.
  • Business Growth, new project

Main Steps of recruitment are :-

1) Defining the Requirement / Job Discription – Decide what vacancy you have and its role & responsibility. It has 3 components .

Task analysis – A detailed list of tasks.

Job Description-  the broad or main responsibilities the KRAs involved in the job.

Person specification –  The skill set required for the job.

2) Selection – Choose the person who best fitted on the person specification. It has two steps.

Short-listing : Its a pre screening as per the application on the basis of personal specifications i.e. required skill set, qualification and experience.

Interviews: Interview is to judge whether the candidate is actually competent as per his shortlisting and whether he is competent enough for the position.

3) Candidate assessments :  This is a verification part. To check the authenticity of the documents submitted and experience claimed by the selected candidates. It includes Experience verification- previous company details. qualification verification- check his educational certificates, Package verification- check his previous salary documents, background verification- how well being he was in his previous companies.

4) Making a Job Offer – If you think you have found the right candidate, it’s time to make the job-offer. In this employee has to check what is the current industry trend in terms of package for similar profiles. What should be the best salary breakup to be offered so that candidate can join asap.

5) Induction – Help the new recruit to settle in quickly and become productive as soon as possible.

Recruitment Process has following stages –

  1. Identify vacancy or the position
  2. Prepare Job description
  3. Advertise the job opening
  4. Managing responses
  5. Shorting candidates
  6. References
  7. Arrange interview
  8. Conducting interviews
  9. Decision making, selecting the cadidate
  10. Make an offer
  11. Appointment action
    recruitment process
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