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Leave Policy in India

May 4, 2011 1 comment

Leave policy is a very big topic. Here I’m discussing some general terms which is known and applicable most of the organizations in India.

Earned Leave (EL): Also called  “privileged leave”. Earned leaves are used in same year and can be carry forward to next year. Generally employee is been entitled of Earned leave only after completion of one year with the company. Earned leaves @ 1.5 days per month Only and can be carry forward.

Casual Leaves (CL) : Casual leave means granting leaves for personal work. It is not earned while on duty. There are two conditions with Prior notice or intimation to employer and leave should be duly sanctioned/granted by the  employer. Maximum number of CL during a year is 12. Casual leaves can’t be carry forward.

Sick leave / Medical Leave (SL): Leave taken on medical ground is consider as sick leaves. Sick Leave is generally @ 0.5 days per month. Incase employ avails sick leaves more than 2 consecutive days in that case he has to submit medical certificate. The maximum grant for sick leaves is 10 days .

Maternity Leave: For female employees who has worked with the organization for not less than 3 months  will be eligible for minimum 80 days of paid maternity leave, up to two confinements.

Paternity Leave: Male Employees will be granted paternity leave for 2-5 working days. This leave should be availed within 3 weeks time of the birth of the child. This will be applicable up to a maximum of two childs.

Special Leave:To motivate and buildup employee relation now a days organization give some one or more days leaves on special occasion. Like employee birthday / marriage anniversary / wedding leaves.

Compensatory Offs: If an employee worked on a holiday he is eligible for a compensatory off. The rules differ from company to company. Generally comp-off has to be availed within 3 months of its occurance.

Holidays:Holidays of national, social and religious significance are offered to employees. On different occasions every year there are 10days declared as paid holidays